APM Policy Enforcers

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. On the other hand, APM policy enforces users to get access to a certain resource. APM needs to be available at each layer of the cloud network. This APM policy is more critical because any incorrect setup of the policy can damage the entire access control system. AR is a monitoring and reporting tool which can keep track of information of all policies and credentials by which cloud administrators can prevent and identify access violations, measure risk coverage, and enforce segregation of duties. Different types of reports can be implemented in AR, based on security guidelines and within the scope of AIM. AR is one of the most vital parts of AAM, as all of the security polices fully depend on this tool (SIG, 2012). However, another important security aspect of the cloud computing is SQL injection attacks (SQLIA) which needs to be improved. According to the cloud hosting company Firehost, SQLIA have increased from 18% to 20% from the first quarter to the second quarter of 2013. Computer hackers try to insert malicious codes to get unauthorized access to database systems which will eventually give access to steal the contents of the databases. The cloud network should implement and improve on parameterized SQL queries, input validation, and stored procedures which will secure the system from exploiting the database. To retrieve, alter, or insert any data from the database system, SQL queries are required. SQL queries should separate the logic from data which

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