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Applying Information Security and SDLC to Business Anthony Goss, James Leehan, Nicole Rossano, Roxie Carter BIS 320 September 1, 2014 Cynthia Pryke Applying Information Security and SDLC to Business There are several things a manager has to consider when running a business. He or she must ensure that the company does what it needs to meet the needs of the customer, the employees, and protect all personal information. One way is to ensure that there are proper security measures to protect all data by making sure the employees are trained and understand the security protocols. Another way is by using the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) method to help maintain the systems they have or need to conduct business. Businesses…show more content…
What errors or problems will the new system have? The third stage is component design. For component design, we have to design the database and determine hardware specifications. The fourth stage is implementation. During this stage you have to build system components and conduct tests to see if it works properly. The fifth and final stage is system maintenance. During this stage, you see if anyone wants to change anything and you fix anything that has problems or that did not work correctly. According to Kroenke (2014), “You may be surprised to learn this, but all commercial software products are shipped with known failures. Usually vendors test their products and remove the most serious problems, but they seldom, if ever, remove all of the defects that they know about. Shipping with defects is an industry practice” (Chapter 10). How Amazon could use the SDLC method to implement new technology There are several things that businesses use on a daily basis that is vital to its success, one of those is its information system. According to Kroenke (2014), an information system consists of five components (p. 10), of which, three must be maintained and upgraded in order for a business to remain relevant. When managers of a business such as Amazon concludes that it should implement new technology, one way to do this is to use the SDLC method. As previously mentioned, the SDLC has several steps that when followed, would assist a group


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