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Analyze the responses to TWO of the following to Secretary of State John Hay’s view that the Spanish American War was “a splendid little war”; William Jennings Bryan, Theodore Roosevelt, Alfred Thayer Mahan, Emilio Aguinaldo
When Secretary of State John Hay stated that the Spanish American War was a “splendid little war”, he received mixed responses from people such as William Jennings Bryan, Theodore Roosevelt, Alfred Thayer Mahan, and Emilio Aguinaldo. Some people of the Philippines, especially the nationalist leader Emilio Aguinaldo, disagreed with Hay’s statement. They were upset that they were first being denied independence from Spain, and now the United States of America. However, even having fought in the Spanish-American War
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Wilson had also proposed the Johns Act of 1916 which granted U.S. citizenship to all the inhabitants in Puerto Rico while providing limited self-government. In addition to this, Wilson kept a supply of marines in Nicaragua and ordered U.S. troops into Haiti in 1915 and the Dominican Republic in 1916. He argued that such intervention was necessary to maintain stability in the region and protect the Panama Canal.

Assess the importance of TWO of the following in the US decision to declare war against Spain in 1898: yellow journalism, sinking of the Maine, US business interests, Cuban revolution
America's short war with Spain in 1898 was the nation's first step on the pathway to becoming a world power. The U.S. victory brought with it the unintended possession of the Philippines and a vested interest in the politics of the Pacific region that would ultimately lead to conflict with Japan. As an immediate outcome of the war, America found itself embroiled in an insurgency in the Philippines that closely mimicked the conflict in Vietnam over 60 years later.
Cuba, a Spanish colony, had been in rebellion since 1895. The brutal Spanish response turned American sympathies to the Cuban insurgents. The US Battleship Maine arrived in Havana Harbor in January 1898 with a dual mission to protect American interests and present the Spanish with a show of force. At 9:40 PM on the evening of February 15, an

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