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ARDT Response With fall breezes in the air individuals storm into Morgan Hall to witness the much anticipated ARDT dance performance. After having much focus on plays, it was refreshing to experience a different form of artistic expression. The dancers were able to keep my attention from start to finish, and the show proved to be my favorite production thus far. The performances were obviously well rehearsed and put together. Throughout the show I paid close attention to facial expression, the fluidity of movement, and the overall message of the performance. With these critiques in mind the opening lyrical piece entitled “Point of Contact” from the first half, and the final lyrical piece entitled “Falling” from the second half were my favorite pieces. Dance is a form of expression that relies heavily of the facial expressions of the dancers. I took dance for many years up until I was 14. Lyrical and jazz were my favorite styles of dance, which is probably why I favored the lyrical performances. Lyrical is a free flowing style of dance to modern day music. The…show more content…
Unlike other productions we saw this semester, this piece involved no talking. It is difficult to express oneself without words in my opinion. That why dance is one of my favorite art forms. The students did a great job at allowing themselves to become one with the music and achieve the visions of Joy Spears & Lawrence Jackson. I feel the overall message of the first piece, “Point of Contact”, were people trying to escape or win some type of battle, resulting in the being together. My interpretation could be wrong, but this is what I got based off of the movements I saw. The second piece, “Falling”, the overall message is not as abstract. The message is straight forward. The piece displays the love a couple has for each other. They even went as far as having a male in the piece to display this yearning to fall in love with
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