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Repay your love and friendship

Chinese literature, for example, ancient poetry, lyrics, and traditional Chinese stories, reveals many different kinds of good personalities of people. According to a famous ancient Chinese philosopher, Confucius (¿××Ó), men are born to be kind (ÈËÖ®³õ©o ÐÔ±¾ÉÆ). Everyone has his or her own good qualities and sometimes they are just hidden and needed to be explored and discovered.
In traditional China, people had a strong sense of repayment (ˆó´ð). People who do not have this ability to repay others who have helped them before are usually being looked down on. The sense of repayment is perhaps a product of a good friendship or love. And the boundary of love here in this case, is not only about the love
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However, here Li Wa gives a speech which shows her decency and qualities of being, later, a noblewoman. She notices that it is totally her and her mother¡¯s fault which causes the young man to suffer and the broken relationship between the young man and his father. She has been devoted and respectful to her mother but she does not do this over the line. Li Wa does what she believes to be right and what she ought to do. She pays her mother for her freedom. However, she still offers to ¡°live in a place close by, so that [they (Li Wa and the young man)] can still pay [their] respects to [her mother] daily.¡± The author once again lets us see that Li Wa shows her filial piety to her so-called ¡°mother¡± and that she does this as a repayment to her mother for being her ¡°mother¡± for twenty years. ¡°The Courtesan Li Wa¡± is a very clear and good example to show how repayment and filial piety are tied together.
¡°The Leper Girl¡± is another story which is in the theme of filial piety. Ch¡¯en Ch¡¯i is a very positive and devoted character which shows filial piety. Ch¡¯en Ch¡¯i, with the help of the old man Ssu-kung who is Ch¡¯en Ch¡¯i¡¯s uncle¡¯s friend in Kwangtung, is introduced to Li-yu¡¯s family. He realizes that his personal background is not good enough to match Li-yu¡¯s family, so he first hesitates to even go there. Later he keeps himself very well-mannered and humble and asks for an absence of a short period of time after the marriage in order to transport his
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