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Color VS. Drawing Which is more important color or drawing? These two have always been fought over for centuries by Poussiniste and Rubenistes. Two great pieces of art that were created in the 1600’s are Peter Paul Rubens’ The Caledonian Boar Hunt and Nicolas Poussin’s Landscape with Calm. While Rubens argues that color is the most important part of the painting Poussin argues that the drawing is more important. In the paragraphs below I will talk about the paintings each individually and then compare them. The first painting I will be talking about is Rubens’ The Caledonian Boar Hunt. This painting is a depiction of mythological event. The myth that is depicted in this painting is when the goddess Diana sent a boar to punish King…show more content…
The painting shows man and nature in harmony. A clear sign that he focused mostly on drawing is the geometric forms used in the painting. He used very calm tonality to give it the calmness. His artwork and brushwork are very fluid and focused. This painting has no historical meaning because this painting was after his transition from historical to landscape. Instead of telling a story it is supposed to evoke a calm mood. The golden light contributes to its peacefulness. Now that I have explained both paintings individually, in the following paragraph I will talk about their differences and what makes them different. In this world there no two people who do something the exact same way. Poussin and Rubens are no exception. In fact their almost complete opposites there are several things that make them different. The first thing that makes the two paintings and artist differ is their believe of which part of the painting is the most important , while Rubens believes that the color is more important Poussin believes that the drawing is the more important part. The next subject that makes them different is their brush work while Rubens has Energetic brushwork Poussin has fluid and calm brushwork. The next difference is that while Rubens painting has a story and is about a myth Poussin painting is just a simple landscape painting with no story. The final difference I saw was that while Rubens painting was about a struggle

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