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Ayoub Aboseid Music 38044 Se quel guerrier io fossi! … Celeste Aida (Radames) Austin Lyric Opera production of Aida, is what I chose my concert report to be about, in Aida there is 4 Acts. In this concert report, I will be choosing a section from Act 1 to write my report about; which is "Se quel guerrier io fossi; Celeste Aida" sung by Radames (tenor). "Se quel guerrier io fossi; Celeste Aida" sung by Radames (tenor) starts with a monophonic texture, at 0:14 a accompaniment comes one, and the texture changes to homophonic, after couple of seconds at exactly 0:21 a disjunct happens, and the song continues and a conjunct comes at 0:38 and goes on until 0:45, at 1:05 cadences happen with a point of arrival, and the song comes back to conjunct at 1:07, there comes a tension at 1:13 that makes a person listening to this song want to listen more, and a resolution comes on after at 1:14 to finish the rest of the sound, so that the clip won't feel unfinished. next up at 1:28 a contour of upward movement comes with a loud voice, at 1:50…show more content…
If it was the first time for me listening to this piece live, I wouldn't have had the emotions I had listening to it, if I haven't listened to the piece before using a recording because the piece wasn't clear enough to me in the beginning when I listened to it, and I wouldn't have enjoyed it like I did, because I didn't understand it completely the first time i listened to it, and after listening to it over and over, it became more emotional to me, and started enjoying it
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