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ASB 4431 Organisations and People
Reflective Essay: Group Formation, Conflict & Leadership

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Sally Sambrook

Bangor Business School
College of Business, Social Sciences and Law
Bangor University
1. Introduction
The key purpose of our group assignment was to demonstrate the ability to research and critically analyse an organisation’s structure, culture and approach to management and leadership: this essay evaluates one aspect of that experience: my approach to conflict and decision to not undertake a leadership role.

The present work starts with a focus on my group’s development and aims to explain and justify my performance during this activity, identifying both positive and negative aspects
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These differences of opinion resurfaced throughout the group assignment.

2.3 Norming
I don't think we ever completely got beyond the storming stage, and although we tried to be polite at first, the earlier tensions remained and escalated. I’m not sure that any ‘group norms’ emerged; I felt very little sense of group identity, and believe most of us worked as individuals. When emotions ran very high, comments became nasty, opinions were dismissed and I felt we had to break. On a number of occasions I wanted to run away, and did - both psychically and emotionally. Two (strongs) of the group were angered by this but if I had not been able to vent my frustrations this way, I think I would have engaged in hostile verbal (and perhaps ultimately physical) attacks, initiated by one of them, and would have ended up more hurt and regretful. The other three thought it was acceptable behaviour, a legitimate way for me to overcome my stress and need for physical activity. These are the three who thought my energy and encouragement was beneficial to the group, which I was very happy about. We just
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