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“Don’t let this be your peak.” This quote comes from my ASB Adviser, a quote which runs through my mind everyday, a quote which scares me. High school treated me well: I got to be ASB President, play football for four years, be a prom king nominee, and got accepted to the most beautiful college campus in the United States. Though I am proud of those achievements I know that there’s no way that I have reached my peak. It was actually at 3am, on a drive home after prom, that I finally got to reflect on my life thus far. I sat in my car thinking about how lucky I was to get to that point, and then it hit me, “Oh my god it’s mother’s day today and I haven’t got my mom anything.” My time of reflection now turned into crunch time. What the hell was I going to get to the most picky woman ever? A mariachi, a purse, flowers, or a hug? At 3am I had no clue. Picking a gift for my mom is hard, in more than one way. First I have to factor in, is this something she will most likely return? Then there’s the question of, this amazing woman, how do you get her something that can say thanks for 27, 25, 22, and 19 overlapping years of life? It’s hard because my mother had to endure giving birth four times, something that all of our mothers had to do at least once. Aside from giving…show more content…
I remember feeling a sensation within me, a feeling of accomplishment, fulfillment, and hope, the same feelings that ran down my mother’s eyes, tear by tear. I knew at that very moment that my mom finally realized how much she had done to bring us all to this table, with no financial worries, no resentment towards each other, and with something to offer to this broken world. I remember feeling that I had reached a peak in my life, a moment that I would never forget. I realized that I had just closed a chapter in my story, a chapter with the best moment of my life as a beautiful ending. Yet there was still something missing, a
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