ASEAN Economic Community 2015

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Pannasastra University of Cambodia
Faculty of Social Sciences and International Relations

CAMBODIA: Challenging the ASEAN Economic
Community 2015
History and Political System of ASEAN Nations
(POL 303)

Prof. Sonya CHUM

Ms. Soksamphoas IM

December 2011 – March 2012




Modern Economic History of Cambodia
2.1 Cambodia-ASEAN Diplomatic Relations
2.2 Cambodia‟s Achievements after joining ASEAN
2.3 Cambodia‟s policies, strategies and commitments


Advantages and Disadvantages for Cambodia to join AEC
3.1 Advantages
3.2 Disadvantages
3.3 Balancing Costs and Benefits


Cambodia‟s Perspectives of Economics Integration
4.1 Positive Perspective
4.2 Negative Perspective

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And since there is a limitation of gathering sources, especially, primary, the information in the papers will be covered by the secondary sources. To further understanding about Cambodia and AEC, the paper will be discussing about the challenges that Cambodia have to face.



Modern Politics and Economics History of Cambodia-ASEAN

2.1 Cambodia-ASEAN Diplomatic Relations

During the period of cold war, neutrality was seen as the best approach for Cambodia to stand for. However, neutrality makes this small nation became unstable; and in facts, it leads Cambodia to be an isolated state from the world. The isolation from the globe makes
Cambodia shifted itself from practicing a traditional approach, neutrality, to an open door policy and committed itself to join ASEAN in 1994. Nevertheless, Cambodia membership into ASEAN has been delayed until 1999 because of the internal political instability and coup d‟état in 1997.
In 1999, Cambodia was accepted to be the last member of ASEAN in Hanoi and started a new chapter since then. As a member of ASEAN, Cambodia has faced a lot of challenges; however, it brings many possible opportunities for Cambodia to enhance in the areas such as politics, economics, security and diplomacy.2
2.2 Cambodia’s Achievements after Joining ASEAN

Cambodia has started a new chapter after the free and fair election assisted by United
Nations Transition Authority for Cambodia (UNTAC) in 1993. After establishing a new government, they begin to
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