ASL102 Deaf in America Book Report Essay

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Manae Makino
Jason Kulchinsky
ASL 102A Principles of American Sign Language Level 2
31 October 2012

Deaf in America Book Report In this book, Deaf in America, by Carol Padden and Tom Humphries, the two authors wrote stories, jokes, performances, and experiences of Deaf people. They also wrote Deaf culture and Deaf people’s lives from various angles. This book is great navigator of Deaf world for hearing people and even Deaf people as me. There are several factors attracting reader. To begin with, I could learn about backgrounds of deaf people and hearing people. Authors wrote about a Deaf boy who was born into a deaf family. Until he discovered that a girl playmate in neighborhood was “hearing”, he didn’t notice about “Others”. Authors
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Its grammar has particular rules too. I should appeal this point to my Japanese hearing friends for understanding to visible communication. Nowadays it becomes serious to decrease number of schools for Deaf in Japan. I would like to keep Sign Language developed by Deaf people for next Deaf generation. Also, how to label ourselves is one of factors. I thought that “disabled” include Deaf people because of needs support such as interpreter and captioning. But they wrote, ““disabled” describes those who are blind or physically handicapped, not Deaf people” (Chapter 3). This sentence made me so surprising. Authors explained that we have culture, history, art, and language. I had accepted myself as a “disabled”, but I have begun to change my mind. I have learned “Deaf can do anything” in here the U.S. And Deaf history shows success of Deaf people. Last factor is the meaning of sound. Many hearing people believe that Deaf people are ignorant about sound. Authors wrote “They are mistakenly assuming that Deaf people have no concept of sound” (Chapter 7). Many individuals, of course, are exceptions to these cases. Some Deaf people can understand music with hearing aids, and others can feel sound by vibration. Consequently, Deaf people have the complex, deep, but beautiful culture. I respect these authors writing a lot of things about us. I wish hearing people understand about not only Sign Language but also Deaf culture more and more by reading this

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