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Learning Outcome
Be able to conduct and record assessments in accordance with internal and external processes and requirements
2.1 Review the assessment requirements and related procedures of learning programmes (AQA. 2012).Assessment is the process by which a learner’s skills and knowledge are reviewed in order to evaluate what they have learnt or in the case of NVQs, how they are performing against the competencies they are required to demonstrate. I see classroom assessment as having four main purposes. The first three include: Diagnostic or needs assessment purpose: To determine what students already know so teachers can decide the topics and approaches to use.
Formative purpose for teacher: To assess
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When teachers’ classroom assessments become an integral part of the instructional process and a central tenet in their efforts to help students learn, the benefits of assessment for both students and teachers will be boundless. The purpose of these assessments is to ascertain the student’s levels of understanding and see if there is any room for improvement and whether there are any weaknesses so as to be able to correct them. My focus is to improve my assessments to make them motivating and to enhance student learning.
Assessment challenges that have been identified are as follows: Figuring out what really is important for students to know and be able to do in history.
Teaching the skills of “doing history” in a world of testing that often seems to value only factual knowledge.
Identifying and using assessments that provide teachers with better information than only multiple-choice exams.
Getting students motivated to do a good job on essays and other written work.
Helping students learn to improve their own work and produce quality products.
Holding students accountable for quality work, as opposed to them just turning in something.
The assessments have to be conducted and recorded in accordance with internal and external processes and requirements. I use these assessments to evaluate my practice and to identify any opportunities for improvement.

FIG. 2 Assessment objectives
Good assessments should follow these
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