A)Success In Career. Becoming A Male Would Mean That My

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A) Success in Career
Becoming a male would mean that my sales would increase. I work as a salesperson at Yogibo, and my sales are the lowest in the store, even though I have received the highest scores with customer rapport and with company knowledge. My co-workers even admit that I out-do them in many areas, and with the only difference being gender (I am also the only female working at my store), I have reason to believe that my gender influences my sales.
Being male would also shorten the amount of time I spend getting ready for work—because I currently sell more product when I have my make-up on, I never risk going to Yogibo without my make-up bag. I would also save money by not needing to purchase hair and beauty products, and,
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When women first meet me, the most common first impression is that I am intimidating, followed by confident, outgoing, talkative, and friendly. When men meet me for the first time, they describe me as fun, outgoing, awesome, confident, and as a natural leader. I noticed that each of my male friends used the descriptor “fun” followed or preceded by another term, while my female friends responded by describing the actual moment they first met me or used examples to explain their interpretation of the word they chose.
If I were a male, would other females continue to use the word intimidating? When I asked by female friend Abby to explain what other women could mean by the word intimidation, she clarified, “You have a big personality for such a small person, and it took me a moment to go ‘wow’ and process it.” So perhaps there is a misunderstanding of the word intimidating, or maybe some women have a hard time describing what they experience when meeting such a “big” personality.
One description that both my male and female friends agreed on was that I seem to possess the ability to affect every single person in a room, a quality that I believe would be even more pronounced if I were born male. My instructors mention my lack of fear when speaking in class and that I project my voice so everyone can hear me (admittedly, I do this on purpose). Peers and spiritual leaders mention that I ask questions
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