AT & T And Diversity Essay

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With 272,000 employees in 57 countries, AT&T is one of the world's biggest telecommunications company. It has won more than 100 awards for diversity & inclusion. It provides bilingual retail stores with a Hispanic or Asian language support to get more customers. It is ranked among top 10 diverse companies by DiversityInc.

For a company to be among the top 10 diverse companies, around the world it must be following a lot of practices, especially with almost three hundred thousand employees. AT&T’s policy is “to promote, increase and improve the quality of the overall participation of minority, women, service-disabled veteran, and LGBT owned businesses in our purchases of materials and services”(Overview page, AT&T holds diversity in one of the top policies. By getting
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By doing so, the company has African American, Hispanics and Asians in senior leadership and among those promoted into management: 20% more than the Top 50 and 43.3% more than the Top 50 respectively. Currently, the company has more than 11,000 veterans, 2,000+ are LGBT, where 43% of the employees are colored and more than 32% are women.

As the company says on its website,“The success of our 140-year history of innovation begins with our people and a diverse and inclusive culture.” (About page, By doing so, they are able to engage with customers of various countries, languages, and genders. The high level of diversity helps them understand the user’s characteristics and customers needs, thus providing a great customer service. They have been able to build a market all around the globe and are still expanding because of their different employee
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