AT & T Diversity

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with their needs as well as adults to build computer skill that is useful for their work and development. The Advisory Panel on Access & Aging provides advice to leaders of many employee bodies and subsidiaries. AT&T is famous for its support in growing minority entrepreneurship. In 2006, AT&T Foundation connected with the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Milwaukee Public School in a program called PEOPLE (Pre-College Enrichment Opportunity Program for Learning Excellence) in an effort to fill the gap in advanced technology workers ethnicity, to provide financial support and mentorship to students from low income and of color to help their transition from high school to college and workforce. The purpose is to make sure that no talent should…show more content…
As the company is going global, its customers’ demography is becoming more diverse every day. One of its biggest concern is the culture of each customer that affects the way they prefer which type of service, their customer service experience, their purchasing option, and their prefer communication. For example, older customers are more likely to receive offers and technical help through phone calls or physical mails, while generations Y and Z prefer email and electronic offers. The languages used in service is also a remarkable success of AT&T. Currently providing more than 160 languages to more than 1.5 million customers besides English, AT&T becomes the first and best choice, in some circumstance, the only choice for users with limited English ability. Consider that in 2012, more than 1 million of immigration acquired the permanent residency; this is a large pool of potential customers who will in some way need mobile services. Will they choose a company that speaks their language and is represented by a person that looks alike to them? The answer is very obvious. Diversity in AT&T is also shown through commercial campaigns. One example is the series of commercial videos of Home Security and Automation technology, which features people of every age, race, and
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