ATV Connector Trail: A Case Study

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This project will consist of a detailed and labor extensive 5 month process that will ultimately consist of the construction of a ATV Connector Trail that is to be 6 miles long and be no shorter than 60 inches wide as required for equestrian, bike, and ATV usage. The building labor that is used to make these trails will be paid between $11.75 and $14.50 per hour, while the personnel in charge of design and management will be paid $18.64 to $20.45 per hour.

The budget that will need to be fulfilled in order to obtain the Pine Grove ATV Connector Trail, that will extend for an additional 6 miles is going to approximately cost $70,000. With regard to the funding only $50,000 is actually put into the materials and building labor needed for the trail connector, while the other $20,000 is going into the expertise of personnel for designing and managing the construction. Materials and equipment needed other than a labor force
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As the Bobcats travel along the trails they will also add and compact in crushed rock/gravel into the existing soil while adding fresh topsoil to areas that have become barren.

•September/2016 - After the layout of the gravel and topsoil has been accomplished the next process is to begin the building of any bridges over waterways and boardwalks to include low, wet spots that were unable to be dugout. Due to the use of equestrian or ATv usage the bridges will need to be structurally strong using items such as steel or high strength treated lumber.

October/2016 - With the trail ultimately constructed, in the final month it is pertinent for the project designer to inspect all areas focusing on identifying weak spots in the trail along with making sure that the structures on all bridges is up to
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