ATVs Are a Rip Off

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Do manufacturers really have to mark up the prices so much? How much profit do these workers really need? And is high markup really a good selling strategy for the long run? All of these questions are very frequently asked by many consumers of ATVs and UTVs. ATVs as well as UTVs are rugged utility vehicles meant for off road purposes such a hauling heavy loads or just plain old having fun. ATVs can seat up to two people, whereas UTVs can haul up to six people. For the limited use ATVs and UTVs have, they really should not cost as much as they do today.

ATVs and UTVs don’t have nearly any of the features cars do. For example, ATVs don’t have radios, are relatively uncomfortable for the long trail rides, and don’t have any protection to the elements. Also, most ATVs are limited to under 70 miles per hour because of the small engine size and heavy body usually over 500lbs. One ATV that is upgraded to the top of the line vehicle can cost well into the $20,000’s. In addition, ATVs only seat one person in general, and are at most half the size of even the smallest hybrid cars. Because of their size, they don’t usually even have much room to put anything such as groceries or other goods. UTVs are somewhat of a different story, but still have limitations. The largest of the UTVs may be as big as a midsize car and seat 6 people, but it is still very cramped, and unless the buyer wants to hike the price up to around the $30,000s, these also…
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