AVID Personal Statement

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I have made a contribution to the AVID program by spreading all the wonderful things AVID teaches you to my friends and relatives also how it can change your life positively. I have spoken with many friends as to why they should be considering the AVID program in high school in order for them to gain knowledge and learn important college factors so that when they move on they won’t have a difficult time in college. This contribution may not seem as much but I have also tried my hardest to earn a good grade for all the years that I have been taken AVID not only for a grade in the class but for others to see what I have learned throughout all the years that I have been in AVID program and what it can do to improve high school students who want to attend college and become successful trying to reach their goals and dreams.…show more content…
College will be essential to all students at a certain point in our lives because we want to see people follow the path to success, we want the world to have a better place with better jobs and we want to avoid money being an obstacle for many to help out their family, I recommend the AVID program to fellow mates who aren’t taking AVID to take it because those students sitting down in a desk can one day become the most successful person for their own bright future and hard
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