Aa 1.1 Personal Narrative

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EA 1.1 Personal Narrative
I dove through the cold currents, feeling my hands create an opening through the water. I closed my aching eyes and let the water submerge me, pulling me in. The sun cast shadows on the floor of the pool, shifting every now and then. I could feel the warmth of the sun as I swam further. I sighed, deeply content.
...Wait, sighed? I couldn’t breathe in water! I blinked my eyes a few times, realizing that I wasn’t swimming, but instead, in Kazhikpeat, India. I wiped my sweaty forehead and lay down. The merciless sun beat down on me, making me delusional. Anyways, there I was, sitting on the wooden porch of my grandparent's house. Two of my neighbors, Missy and Bavya, had joined me on this painstakingly humid day. Since this
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Do you know if your mom has any?” I asked her, walking over to the gate that guarded our house.
“Mmhmm.” She said. I sat down again, bored as I watched Missy sprint back to her house. I gazed at the gate in front of our house as I thought of what I would do once I had the seeds. Well, I thought to myself, I would obviously need to lay them down near the chicks, and then I would make a trail leading from the chicks to my house. From there, the chicks would hopefully follow the seed trail and come towards our house. After that, we would shut the gate and lock them in our house. As I continued thinking about what I would do with the chicks, I heard a sigh, and then someone walking up behind me. I turned around, coming face to face with Bavya.
"Are you sure you want to steal the chicks? I mean, you could get in serious trouble. Your mom's gonna kill you if she finds out." She asked. I wouldn't get in trouble... would I? Even if I did, I knew that this was going to be worth it, so I didn't really care if I got into trouble or not.
"I don't care if I get in trouble," I said, boastfully. "I'm doing this so that I can get revenge on those mean neighbors," I
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