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Jalen Prince Joseph Messam Trimell Pearce Warren Bell Starting in the small town of Bavaria, Germany Adidas group was founded by Adi Dassler in 1924. The first registered shoe was named the, “Gebruder Dassler Schuhfabrik” and that is when Mr. Dassler embarked on his mission to provide athletes with the best possible equipment. Two of the first athletes sponsored by the Adidas group were Lina Radke and Jesse Owens. Both who in fact won gold medals while sporting the brand which was the start of an evolution. In 1949, Mr. Dassler remastered his brand and moved the operation to Herzogenaurach with 47 employees. The Adidas group sponsored the German national football team in 1954 against the undefeated and undeniable Hungarians. The…show more content…
Customers, like Adidas, are able to consult with Framas on on any issues they are having/ performance standards they want met and Framas can provide solutions from the advanced practices in manufacturing that their company acquires. Frames states to its clients via their website, “The close integration of our specialists from the product development, the in-house mold design and production guarantee rapid implementation of the idea to series production, in the highest quality and efficiency”. The care and detail that Frames applies towards the designs contribute to the overall success of the Adidas brand and why so many customers are satisfied with all of their products. Adidas is a company whose clothing and products are used and worn by many throughout the world. A material used to manufacture their products is recycled polyester (PES). This material comes from a variety of post- consumer waste, like used clothing and plastic bottles, that’s reprocessed and spun into usable fibres. The Adidas group corporation has a global supply chain that covers many products. Therefore, by using this type of material to manufacture their products, they are reversing their carbon footprint and saving a lot of money when making, packing, and distributing all over the world. The use of PES helps the world reduce the amount of petroleum waste exerted, into the air,
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