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AAA Transportation Paper OI/361 Abstract AAA Transportation is an interstate company that focuses on transporting wholesale products in refrigerated trailers around Midwest this company is located in Waukegan,WI. On the other hand, AAA Transportation has new owners that are planning to make some positive changes that can potentially raise the company's growth becoming more successful. The new owners want to add a delivery of nonperishable products, such as canned foods, to their delivery routes, allowing AAA to expand the area they cover and to provide expanded service to their existing customers. Taking in consideration that many of the routes do not require a full load, there would…show more content…
The first step of changing the mind-set is about intellect the power and limits of mental models. The second step consist of testing the importance of people's mental models opposed to changing environment, create new models, and develop an integrated portfolio of models. The third step is overcoming obstacles to change by transforming infrastructure as well as people's thinking. The last step involves transforming one's life by immediately acting upon the new models within experimenting continuously, applying a process for assessing and strengthening one's models. These four steps will help Vernon and Bud feel more comfortable with the new changes. First, Vernon and Bud have to be concerned of their mindsets that are retaining them back once they achieved that then they can be tested on the new changes. Through reshaping their way of thinking they can achieve their impediments of change. Once they changed their old way of thinking and seeing the world, now they can rapidly act upon their new mindsets on how they see the new change. (Rowe, 2004). Forces that change mental model/mindsets Vernon and Bud mindsets are controlled by certain forces and this is affecting how they act and behave. These forces consist of past experiences, environmental, education, hereditary and genetics. The experiences that people create leaves certain mindsets in them and for that reason people act in that same way especially when they go through a similar
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