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Name:_Xing Li _____________ FINAL EXAM PRINCPLES of MARKITING Winter 2012 1. A lifestyle center is a? D A) pedestrian center B) psychographic centric segment C) family centric segment D) shopping center E) upscale center segment 2. Industries often have an established company that is a price leader. When competitors “meet” the leader’s price, the competitor is pursuing a ______?_____ strategy? B A) price war B) pull C) maximization D) status quo E) elasticity 3. All of the following statements about branding are true except? C A) Branding facilitates buying. B) Branding may provide psychological…show more content…
9. Corporate advertising allowances given to channel members are a form of: B A) trade sales promotion. B) quantity discount. C) cash discount. D) discriminatory pricing. E) price lining. 10. Advertising, Public Relations, Sales Promotions, and Personal Selling are best called the? C A) marketing mix B) retailing mix C) promotion mix D) selling mix E) None of the above 11. What do each of the AIDA letters mean? Attention, Interest, Desire, Action 12. A media schedule used in the later stages of a product’s life cycle, that focuses on reminding buyers of such products as Ivory soap or Chamin toilet tissue, is best called? B A) continuous media schedule B) flighting media schedule C) pulsing media schedule D) seasonal media schedule E) frequency media schedule 13. Define or give an example of a cash cow. A business or product which generates a steady, dependable flow of cash. Typically, such business units often have large shares of markets which offer little opportunity for growth and little incentive for continued investment in marketing or product development. 14. A firm choosing to charge a high price during the introductory stage will likely find which result? A A) new

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