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Response Paper: The Black College as Focus for Black Studies

I will be using Nick Aaron Ford’s article to talk about evolution and how it influenced Africana Studies at institutions. Nick Ford predicted by the year 2000 there wouldn’t be as many black colleges. He though that the black institutions would merge with the predominantly white institutions. Well its 2015 and we still have black institutions that have not merged with other colleges. He argues that to get higher education for blacks we had to be brilliant and stand out. Also a lot of schools didn’t prepare blacks to even get a higher education and into a good college. Around the 1960’s-1970’s blacks weren’t able to succeed and become what they wanted to, because they didn’t have access to higher education. Since they weren’t able to go to the best schools so they would’ve never really knew how smart they were. During this time since the schools weren’t integrated they weren’t teaching the same thing as they were in white
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They would’ve wanted to have more people of the same race and the same cultural background there with them. It’s like this now and back then; some blacks would feel uncomfortable to participate in activities and events and they’re the only black person. At those times and now they wouldn’t have wanted to send two white people to a predominantly black school. In Frank Decosta’s book Between Two Worlds he states that the question of whether we enroll the majority of Negro students in higher education isn’t relevant, but the point is historically Negro colleges were created by Negroes for the education of Negroes. We have one main responsibility and that is to show the predominantly white schools that we can be just as smarter than they are, and that we can work hard to get an education. The black colleges also need to make sure we talk about African American education to
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