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Aaron Hernandez was an NFL star. He was a college player the University of Florida, Hernandez was an All-American player and a member of the BCS National Championship Team. He was drafted into the New England Patriots in 2010, where he became the youngest active player on any roster in the NFL (Aaron Hernandez Essay). He was only one of two tight end players on one of the leading teams in the National Football League. During his 2010 season, he was named Rookie of the Week by Pepsi; he played in his second season the Super Bowl in the NFL; and by his third year playing with the Patriots he received the highest signing bonus of an NFL tight end in history. Other than all of that Hernandez had a dark side to him that had a severe impact…show more content…
Hernandez not only imitated his father’s sports star status playing for the Patriots, but also became involved with criminals and took on the role of his father’s gang-type lifestyle and began using drugs. His lifestyle choices almost prevented him from gaining his success as an athlete in the NFL. “Despite his obvious talents, NFL teams were wary of drafting Hernandez due to his admitted flunking of a drug test. Privately, many teams also worried about his association with gang types from his home neighborhood. He fell to the fourth round in the 2010 NFL draft before the New England Patriots selected him with the 113th overall pick” (Bio, 2015). Once he was drafted, Hernandez quickly proved his professionalism as a football player. He had 45 catches in his first year, which was a Patriots team record for the tight ends, helping the team secure the AFC Championship. In his second year, playing alongside with Rob Gronkowski, he led the Patriots offense with 24 touchdowns and 2,237 receiving yards, helping secure the team’s position in the Super Bowl XLVI. Then in his third year he was injured, but was still positioned to become a leader of the team, which was recognized by the Patriots with his sizable signing bonus (A&E, 2015). Although Hernandez would not be indicted for murder until 2013, his legal problems began in early 2007, while still attending the University of Florida.

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