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10.1 Rembrandt has often been referred to as "The Painter of Light" for his innovative and influential approach to depicting light. Describe Rembrandt's approach to depicting light in painting. How is it influenced by Caravaggio's tenebrism and how does it differ or improve upon that technique? Rembrandt’s depiction and use of light represented the fluidity the human eye (or view) “sees”. The human eye views images through a sifted view. In other words it picks out certain (specific elements) to focus on; bringing those images to light and casting the others into a shadow. Thus, Rembrandt utilizes diffused light rather than sharp contrasts to convey an emotion or mood (perhaps observed by the viewer). In the case of this painting,…show more content…
One can deduce the red dot in the middle of a blank white canvas is just as much art as any of Van Gogh’s masterpieces; after all art is in the eye of the beholder, right? The downsides may include economic and professional effects. The economic downside is two-fold. First, artists may have to work harder to sell a piece because the availability of art is widespread, thus creating stiff competition. Second, art in the traditional sense loses its value. No longer are a few art pieces available to the well-to-do but a montage of art is available to most anyone. Professionally, it may become a less coveted talented now that anyone can put their artwork on the market. Previously commissioned artists may have short-lived careers. And artists have to create a niche in order to standout amongst a sea of painters. Thus, it is reasonable to think that some artists (mostly those accustomed to be considered “the select and talented few” would prefer to work for an established patron. This type of work brings economic stability and professional prestige. 11.1 What's going on in Fragonard's painting The Swing? Describe the subject matter and mood. How does this image depart from the type of subject matter and stylistic characteristics we have seen in earlier artistic movements such as the Renaissance and Baroque? Fragonard’s painting The Swing was a blueprint of Parisian life for the female aristocrat as portrayed by prominent male

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