Ab0603 – Business Gone Green Ethical Reasoning Assignment

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AB0603 Business Gone Green Ethical Reasoning Assignment Summary Page | Your name: Chia Xinying | Your Instructor: Dr. Josephine Lang | Seminar Group: 01 Word Count: 1095 | Briefly lay out, in bulleted-form in the space provided within this page (i.e., do not elaborate), the content of your write-up in addressing the various criteria in the ethical reasoning rubric. | Criteria | Your points | 1. Specify the ethical issue identified | * Edited women from their Saudi Arabia’s catalogue * Goes against Ikea Group and Sweden’s values * Reflects the pervasive ethical business challenge faced * Further ethical implications such as cultural imperialism | 2. Issue…show more content…
On the other hand, Ikea may have also thought that it is an ethical action to be sensitive to women’s rights in Saudi Arabia and conform to them. (b) Consequentialism - Utilitarianism On the basis that following the view of the majority will produce the best consequence, Ikea’s action is unjustifiable as its action is against the values of Ikea, Sweden and even United Nations (United Nations Millennium Goals). Ikea’s act has thus garnered many bad press and negative reaction from the general public. It has also worsened its own brand image and reputation in the globalized economy. (c) Deontology -Kantianism Ikea’s actions are in accordance to moral rules dictated by the Sharia council as women’s rights in Saudi Arabia is largely influenced and defined by Islam and tribal customs. However, this conflicts with the moral principle of rights stating that, “ All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.” (Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights) 2) The Conventional Approach In this final approach, the justification of an act depends on the prevailing norms of the society. In Saudi’s advertisements, women only appear infrequently.

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