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AB 109 Assembly Bill 109 was signed by Governor Edmund Brown Jr. and implemented on October 1, 2011 to close the revolving door of low-level inmates cycling in and out of state prison. It was a way to reduce the number of inmate in our overpopulated 33 prisons. The cause ab109 and ab117 to be put into place was a lawsuit Plata vs. Schwarzenegger fact that California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation was in violation of the eight amendments, the American with Disabilities Act and section 504 rehabilitation act of 1973. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation medical services repeatedly violated. Which this happen it was decided by a three judge penal of the U.S. Supreme court they concluded in a 184 page…show more content…
What next $842 million dollars in two years to help countries supervising local inmate those on probation and other resource need to get the state down to 137.5% that the three judge court to reduce neglected medical service in prisons. Assembly bill 109 has been introduced to California as a way to help reduce prison inmates have their medical service denied. Assembly bill 109 introduce it has affected aspect of the justice system all they can do is roll with the punches. There has been increase in employees in counties from corrections to court to police department. As previously stated, it just in beta version and are still working out kinks that come with new laws trying to find the right rhythm for each county to work with. I have to say this assembly bill is very complex to understand for citizen but it’s twice as hard for the justices system to implement it to every county in California. It does say it going to be different from county to county and the end result it to reduce the number of inmate in our prison system. In which I believe we are in the right road to fixing our correctional institute. Have the non-offender serving in local jails instead of state prisons we are saving money in those areas but also bring more offenders closer to our community to committee crime in our back yards. It would benefit all those in justice system if instead of adding new laws fixing those laws we already have at work in our
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