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AB266 was presented by Assemblywoman Neal. The purpose of this bill is to allow employers to deduct Family Medical Leave wages paid by the employer to an employee who has taken leave under certain circumstances. The amount of the deduction is equal to the Family Medical Leave wages paid during that period and allows that deduction against the amounts reported for the calculation of certain taxes. The Department of Taxation submitted a fiscal note of $86,147 in FY 18 and $61,477 in FY 19 based on the original bill. Assemblywoman Neal noted that the amount of the deduction is limited to $500 per employee per week with a maximum length of 12 weeks. A.B. 207 was presented by Assemblyman Fumo. The purpose of this bill is to revise the process of selecting trial jurors by requiring the jury commissioner to compile and maintain a list of qualified electors from information provided. The Employment Security Division from DETR would be required to provide a list of persons who receive benefits to be used for a jury selection. DETR submitted a fiscal note of $45,100 in FY18 and $7,214 in FY19 for computers programing costs and ongoing system support. Furthermore, DETR offered an…show more content…
399 was presented by Assemblywoman Bustamante-Adams. The purpose of this bill is to establish the Nevada State Infrastructure Bank to provide loans and other financial assistance to various units of state and local government for the development, construction improvement, operation and ownership of certain transportation facilities and utility infrastructure projects. The bank would be created under the Department of Transportation and would be governed under the Boards of Directors. Originally, the Department of Administration submitted a fiscal note of $ 1 million in FY 18 and $1.1 million in FY19. With the amendments to the bill, the fiscal notes were removed. Furthermore, the Department of Transportation indicated that there would be no fiscal impact with the
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