Abami Dialectical Journal

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First time on the field. First time really facing off against the Abami. They were on their first mission. A final test of sorts. To the right and to the left, he recognized the cadets at each side. James Robinson and Hanayo Miura to his right and Barry Wilkes to his left. They were in the academy together, had classes together; James and Barry often went begging to Hana and him for help and tutoring. It was luck they ended up in the same squad together; a small blessing. Maybe it wasn’t.

His fingers twitched and he could hear his friends talk, trying to ease their own tension. He couldn’t make out their words, only the hum in his ears. Five minutes until they touched down and the brunet couldn’t help but think time was moving far
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Then Elis found the remains of Barry and another cadet, he couldn’t make out which body parts belonged to which. “A pack of B ranks are in there.”

“Two packs, one easily seen from Cadet’s Fisker position and one in the back with another A rank,” it was the rearguard from before, “we’re going to need back up. I found it.” Elis shifted to look towards the back, trough a hole in the wall he could see what caused the mayhem. An AA rank stalked around, treading carefully through the maze of walls and damaged buildings. Hunting the rest of the squad. “It’s going to be a long night.”

Elis nodded in agreement, but he couldn’t take his gaze off the bodies of his friends.

Elis pulled at the bandages over his arm and peeking up his neck. He walked through the halls of the medical ward until he found the room he was searching for. He hesitated, hands shaking and bile rising in his throat. His eyes were still red, as was the rest of his face. The constant rubbing made his skin raw and painful, the scrapes not helping any. He recalled the advice from that night, not to get too focused. It was lessoned he learned the hard way
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