Abandoned Property? a Case Review: International Aircraft Recovery, L.L.C V. United States of America

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Abandoned Property? A review of the case International Aircraft Recovery v. U.S. We will discuss the legal issues regarding property ownership, when the original owner has lost, misplaced, or abandoned that property. A particular focus will be to contrast the differences between the laws that regulate federal and private property. The specific concern will be the case of the salvaged TBD-1 Devastator, a rare Navy aircraft recovered 8 miles off the coast of Florida, in 500 feet of water, and estimated to have a value of one to two million dollars once restored. We will begin with the definition of lost, misplaced, or abandoned property, and proceed to discuss the history of property ownership law, speculate on the reasons for…show more content…
Now it is wrong for the Navy for trying to take it back after he used his own money not the governments to find a plane of the Navy? Should he (or the general public for that matter) have known about this special rule regarding federal property? Every person in the United States should be aware of the laws, plus if the person does not know the laws or "special rules" of federal property then it can be researched in the public domain. Consider whether there should be a time limit or statute of limitations regarding the forfeiture or non-forfeiture of title. Also consider whether property should be considered lost or abandoned by the failure to protect or attempt recovery of the property. Mr. Champlin gathered sufficient amounts of money to rescue a Navy TBD-1 Devastator when it crashed eight miles of the coast of Florida when the Navy did nothing to recover their property. Mr. Champlin did what any proud American or anyone would do when a priceless artifact if left behind without any type of search to retrieve the property. However he chose to do this after the Navy informed him that they Is Mr. Champlin entitled to any reimbursement for money spent? Should Mr. Champlin receive a salvage award for the time and money spent salvaging the TBD-1 Devastator? The US Navy would have spent this much if they had salvaged it themselves. According to the Salvage Law the basic purpose is to encourage recovery of property lost at sea so that the property can be returned to

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