Abascal Reform's Mixed Impact On Immigration Summary

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Maria C. Abascal’s “Reform’s mixed impact on Immigrants” is a reliable source. In this article, the author Abascal refers to how complicated it can be for undocumented immigrants to be covered for health care with the Affordable Care Act, and how it can provide benefits to legal immigrants. The article quickly introduced a waiting time period for legal immigrants to receive later benefits such as Medicaid, etc. and that waiting period is “five years” (Abascal, Para 2). It really doesn't make any sense for legal immigrants to wait that long, which shows how divide the United State is to its residents when it comes to resources. However, since they are not American citizens, I can understand the difference, but everyone’s health matters.…show more content…
This article has a lot of data that gives clear and accurate informations. In this article, the author includes that “undocumented immigrants will not qualify for tax-credits or cost-sharing subsidies” and a personnel involved in this section of the article also added on saying that “the new health-reform act which raises and reduces for immigrants who are undocumented, causes a barrier for undocumented immigrants who has citizen children. Basically, even though they are citizens and should be eligible, they are not” (Abascal, Ng’andu Para. 8). It would of been a stronger part of the article that I could definitely use for my research, if the author included reasonings on why those American citizens children would be ineligible, and how the status of their parents affecting them is appropriate because they are American citizens after all. For example, I am left wondering why can’t these American citizen children are left out of receiving health care
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