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Abbott’s has the history of an industry leader for the last 125 years. Abbott operates in four different segments: Nutrition, Medical Devices, Diagnostics and Pharmaceuticals. They have sales in more than 150 countries, #1 worldwide in adult nutrition, #1 in the U.S. pediatric nutrition, World’s 1st bioresorbable scaffold, World’s leading mitral valve repair device, #1 in LASIK; #2 in cataract, #2 Pharmaceutical company in India, Top 10 pharmaceutical company in Latin America, #1 in blood screening and leading diagnostics in all platforms.
Abbott Nutrition has been the innovator in nutrition categories since the early 1900s. Harry Moores and Stanley Ross started in the dairy business as Moores and Ross Milk Company in
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Since Ensure’s launch in 1973 products including tube feedings starting in 1978 have been manufactured in 8oz cans. In 2017 Abbott Recloseable Containers will launch by Tetra Pak. In a group study they were preferred over metal cans, easier to open, no sharp metal edges, environmental friendly and easier stacking and transporting.
Transition phases include development, manufacturing, awareness, readiness and implementation phases. This will be a huge endeavor as there are many pieces that need to come together and they manufacture millions of cans. Manufacturing plants will need to operate with Tetra Paks, distributor partners will need to be involved and end users in hospitals, nursing homes and home care settings will all need to be educated on the new packaging.
Production Needs
Abbott Nutrition is transitioning all products that are in an 8 ounce can to the new Abbott Recloseable Container (TetraPak). This will save the company a significant amount of money in production and transport to all end users. In preparation for the new packaging and with increased demand are their products from an aging population they invested in a new $270 million dollar plant in Tipp City Ohio. This plant specializes in aseptic technology that sterilizes containers and liquids for a new state of the art sterilization process that improves product flavor and added ingredients that in the past have been destroyed by heat. Presently the plant can fill 800 bottles

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