Abby: A Fictional Narrative

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It wasn't until Ashley pointed out a light down the road did we start to notice the sound of barking. I was so nervous that it was a guard dog to notice Abby escaping my grip. She was running to the light, hollering at the top of her lungs, 'puppy'. (We had a limited view of the outside world because our parents never let us out of the house besides for school and events.) I ran full speed after her, my fear pushing me forward. She's gonna get hurt. Repeating itself over and over again in my head. I skid to a stop, seeing a small golden retriever rolling around in the dirt with Abby. "Abigail Jackson!" Ashley yells, taking control of the situation. My heart is still pounding from Abby's 'could've been near death experience'. I feel a…show more content…
"Well we have a telephone inside." The man says, coming to stand next to the woman. He looks gruff and that he beats people up for a living. I puff out my chest, my eyes narrowing. "You should come in, the little ones look like they need a shower." The woman offers, a warm smile on her lips. I knew I should deny the request, they could be crazy people who want to hurt them. But I don't because I don't know when the next chance we'll get to shower and it's just the dude that looks mean. "Thank you," I say, giving Ashley a look. She moves to the back of our small line, Abby still gripping my hand. The two adults enter the house, Skip following after us. "I'm Amy, and this is my husband Calvin. He may look grumpy but he's super sweet." Amy tells us as we walk down a long hall. We come to a door on the left that lead to a living room. "Would you like to call your parents after you shower or before?" Amy looks at me, awaiting my answer. "After please." She smiles, fetching Calvin to get the bathroom ready. "So what're your names?" She asks, letting us sit on the couch. She doesn't yell at Abby or Jordan for getting dirt on the couches. She doesn't even ask about Jordan's black
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