Abby Burgin. Mr. Jones. English 12 Honors, Period 2. February

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Abby Burgin
Mr. Jones
English 12 Honors, Period 2
February 24, 2017
Tragic Hero: O.J. Simpson
Throughout time there have been an abundant amount of well-respected individuals who have let their flaws lead to their downfall. O.J. Simpson is a prime example of a tragic flaw leading to a downfall. O.J. Simpson was a luminary football player and actor who let his tragic flaw of anger and jealousy get the best of him. His tragic flaw led him to a life of crime including the alleged murder of two people, robbery, and kidnapping.
At a young age, Simpson told his mother, that he would be in the paper one day, which his little sister would respond with, “In the police report.” Not only did he make the headlines as a star football player, he also
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Within his first two years at the junior college, he scored more than fifty touchdowns and gained 2,445 yards rushing. He became a reputable player and even got the attention of major universities. He began playing at the University of South Carolina. He led this team to two Rose Bowl appearances in 1967 and 1968. During these appearances, Simpson scored thirty-five touchdowns and gained 3,265 yards rushing within twenty-two games. In 1968, he earned himself the Heisman Trophy ("O. J. Simpson." Contemporary). At USC, he was an All-American halfback and this is where he gained all of his fame ("O.J. Simpson." Pete Axthelm, a sports writer for Newsweek stated, “O.J. . . . has done more than his share . . . He has led the Trojans, inspired them, and when necessary carried them.” ("O. J. Simpson." Contemporary). He inspired many, set NCAA football records and took his football career to the next level ("O.J. Simpson."
Simpson moved on to the National Football League draft, where the team with the worst record gets to choose first. Simpson was then granted the opportunity to play for the Buffalo Bills for part of his NFL career. In February of 1969, Simpson obtained the name of Sports Magazines “Man of the Year”. This made him the first college student to have received this honor ("O. J. Simpson." Contemporary).
As his NFL career took off, he yet again set records and impressed football fans. He played for the Buffalo Bills for eight
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