Abc Accounting, Inc.

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Introduction ABC Accounting, Inc. is a quickly growing accounting firm with new networking needs. The company has growth from five employees to 200 employees and in just a year that number is expected to grow to 350. With the new growth come new offices and the need to have employees travel with laptops. The purpose of this paper is to purpose a technical solution to ABC Accounting, Inc. networking needs. This purposely will detail the Topology and networking devices needed, the IP infrastructure and Security options needed to insure quality and security of all ABC Accounting, Inc. data. The proposal will also include cost of the devices needed in order to show the budget needed to produce results. Topology Setting up and connecting all…show more content…
1000 feet of Category 6 cabling can be purchased from Amazon for $54.99or 500 feet of Category 5 cabling can be purchased from Amazon for $31.99 (See references for link to site). It is difficult to determine how much cabling is needed at this time to come put with a final estimate. I would also recommend buying cables in different jacket colors to help differentiate between network devices if possible. This will help to narrow down troubleshooting issues with in the office. If someone loses connectivity you will be able to find the root of the issue much faster. Network Devices Server You will need a server that will handle the 200 employees you have now with room to grow for the 350 you expect to have in the next year. The server will provide management of the system and act as a Domain server and will set unique username and password to access the system. I recommend the Lenovo ThinkServer RD650 at $5439.81. • 18-core Intel Xeon Processor • Up to 768 GB DDR4 RAM • Up to 74 TB internal storage • Redundant hot-swap • 550W/750W/1100W power supply • Intergrated Gb Ethernet Network Interface Card • 3 x PCIe Gen3: LP x8, 4 x PCIe Gen3: FLFH x8, 1 x PCIe Gen3: HLFH x8 expansion slots This server will also act as a centralized location to store files with the 74 TB of storage and has a variety of RAID options that can be configured to ensure that there is no data loss. The server has an 18-core processor with up to 768 GB of RAM insuring high
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