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ABC Company
Randall K. Howell
ACC 206: Principles of Accounting II
Don Fey
March 4, 2013

The ABC Company is a manufacturing firm that specializes in making cedar roofing and siding shingles, introducing the new project to build cedar dollhouses by shingle scrap materials for reaching $3 million annual sales within the next 3 years. Explain the overall risk profile of the ABC Company based on current economic and industry issues. In order to help out the CEO I prepare reports that will contain the information regarding the project. These statements refer to the accompanying Excel spreadsheet as well as word documents. The statements are; Cash Flow statements, Product Cost, Net present value, Depreciation, Contribution Margins
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When product prices are stout, investors, governments and other stakeholders comprehend the description and presume that manufacturing companies are harvesting the gains. Actually, high product prices encourage more deed, and that boost demand and costs for labor and supplies. Governments around the globe are facing tough challenges as a result of the present economic environment. Inflatable deficits generate strong incentive for governments to raise tax revenues by increasing or introducing new percentage and income taxes. With the current high prices of cedar shingles and the large cash balances accumulated by some manufacturing companies at present. Government lead programs designed to organize and accumulate ecological information is able to escort to more efficient and effective investigation programs. Investment by government in the industry isolated districts can also facilitate erect the moving and infrastructure that manufacturing needs. Access to a new project is not essentially complicated but access to the right new project is definitely more challenging. The present projects are considered the best in class project for the company because the competition is for becoming more intense. The research shows a steady recovery in the confidence to finance, from a quite insecure level in 2008, as could be expected, to a much lower level of concern in 2011. However, funding states in most markets have continued to get worse because the most recent risk review was

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