Abc Computer Sales And Software

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ABC Computer Sales and Software, LLC.
ABC Computer Sales and Software, LLC. Is a $4 billion firm with sales primarily in innovative computer and software sales for both consumers and small businesses. The computer sales firm was created in the early 1990s and has grown exponentially over the decades. As ABC Computer Sales and Software, LLC. has distinctly increased its revenue and has had consistent growth over the years. ABC Computer Sales and software has not only been expanding its sales platform and taking on more orders from consumers and small businesses not only within its own stores, but with online sales as well. As the growth of the company’s sales has progressed so has the competition and the client need for more technical support on the back end. The company has recently hit a stagnant return in its sales in the past 3 years as customer service has begun to suffer due to the inability of the current staff to multitask the sales and the technical issues that develop throughout the term of the contracts—for small businesses—or warranty listed in the consumer purchase agreement.
The greatest set back thus far with the business has been the age of ‘in house’ technical support. Not only a setback, but a liability and a risk, employees at ABC Company run both the sales of the computer and the technical support and set-up of the systems. This has resulted in straining employees mentally, the in house technical support system has also created a process where certain…
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