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ABC Computer Sales and Software, LLC. ABC Computer Sales and Software, LLC. Is a $4 billion firm with sales primarily in innovative computer and software sales for both consumers and small businesses. The computer sales firm was created in the early 1990s and has grown exponentially over the decades. As ABC Computer Sales and Software, LLC. has distinctly increased its revenue and has had consistent growth over the years. ABC Computer Sales and software has not only been expanding its sales platform and taking on more orders from consumers and small businesses not only within its own stores, but with online sales as well. As the growth of the company’s sales has progressed so has the competition and the client need for more technical…show more content…
The task force Nerdy Tech has been implemented to attempt to curb customer satisfaction and perform simple technical support tasks and order tracking. However, the demand for technical support and follow-up was still higher than anticipated to the point where other staff received more complaints and have had to step into the Nerdy Techs domain to help; resulting, in a defeated purpose for the task force. As other companies have already begun to outsource or divide technical support transactions and have begun to supersede our company in revenue and progress, I believe it is time for ABC Company to do the same. As a continued result of the company’s added tensions with software maintenance and technical support follow-up, customer and employee satisfaction has suffered greatly and employees are too preoccupied with the technical servicing that they have not been generating the appropriate sales to bring in revenue and keep the company afloat. Consequently, I have been placed as a lead investigator in researching the current business process and looking into the possibility of outsourcing the technical support process to a call center that can enhance the customer experience and assist in concert with our task force called Nerdy Tech where we can
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