Abc Corporation 's Management Plan

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Introduction I conducted my research based on a company for which I am familiar with but do not work for. ABC Corporation is based out of Anywhere Town, KS. ABC Corporation actually bids on government, Department of Defense (DoD), contracts and if accepted is awarded the contract as the either the Prime or Subcontractor on the military installations. As the Prime or Subcontractor, ABC Corporation, has no policies and procedures in place when they are awarded the contract. Those policies and procedures are actually built into the contract that the installation awards such as “Contract shall meet the requirements of ISO 9001-2008 for all contracted services (Plan A, 2015)”. There is no mandate in place that requires that ABC have an integrated management system. ABC’s approach is that a structured system is in place to ensure that the contractual requirements that the government has set forth are met and to continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality System.
Evaluation of Policies, Procedures and Plans:
Management Plan ABC’s Management Plan for the military installations has one main objective which is “To ensure that the customer receives the best possible support with the highest possible quality, in the best possible time, and that the support is accomplished safely” (Plan A, 2015). ABC’s Quality Control (QC) section has the responsibility to certify the military installation’s contract as ISO 9001-2008 which comes from contractual requirements and is
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