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Introduction Mr. Carl Robins, who is a new campus recruiter for ABC, Inc., fell short on planning and execution of the new employee orientation. His lack of planning and execution could imply that either Carl is not fully qualified, or ABC, Inc. does not have a very solid mentoring program. Being a new employee of only six months, Carl's supervisor/manager should have been monitoring Carl's planning of the new employee's orientation and offer assistance if needed. Background In early April, Mr. Carl Robins hired 15 new personnel to work for Monica Carrolls, the Operations Supervisor. Carl scheduled a new employee orientation to take place on June 15th, hoping to have all the new employees starting work by the beginning of July…show more content…
Alternatives Could Carl have exaggerated his qualifications on his resume in order to get the job? Possibly, Carl was not informed of all the duties of a campus recruiter, or maybe he just didn't understand what tasks needed to be done for such an orientation. Why wasn't his supervisor closely evaluating his first recruitment effort? Was there any overlapping time to learn his job when Carl was first hired on with ABC, Inc.? Proposed Solutions Regardless of the reasons why Carl did not plan, coordinate, execute, and even follow up properly, they are beside the point. The point is what needs to be done in order to correct the problem so that this kind of shortcoming does not occur again? Possible solutions could include implementing a company mentoring program. If the company had a mentoring program, Carl could have learned from the previous recruiter the proper procedures for his job. The company should also have a set of standard operating procedures (SOP) in which to follow for coordinating a new employee orientation. Carl could have created his own checklist to follow, ensuring he accomplished all of the necessary tasks and implied tasks involved in scheduling and conducting a new employee orientation. Furthermore, if Carl had been too busy to follow up on

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