Abc Mission Statement

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1. Mission
ABC is a Canadian privately held retailer, operating under a department store concept. The mission is built on the belief that “strong values breed profits.” ABC focuses on sourcing only the highest-quality products so that consumers will be satisfied with their purchases, believing this will build lifelong relationships and loyal customers. ABC also want to get new customers from millennials by online sale. ABC primary focus on the ABC chain, but assistance may be required in other areas as well.

2. Objective and Goals
- Keep the higher level supplier.
- Provide the lease incentive.
- Increase the online sale by acquire new company or adding an e-commerce store.
- Research for Millennial and focus on what they require.

3. Stakeholder
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Society: The society preferences are ABC has a good citizen with healthy links to the local community, is seen as a responsible employer who is providing a good place to work.
Government: The government preferences are ABC promote surrounding areas' increase, compliant with regulations and avoid disputes and prosecutions.
Creditors: The creditor preferences are ABC can going concern and the interest payment on times.
Shareholders: The shareholder preferences are they might well have put forward the seed capital which ABC need to get started so their needs are important. Ultimately the board, acting on behalf of the shareholders, can replace the CEO and the executive team. However, provided ABC are broadly on plan in terms of revenues and profit the shareholders are generally satisfied and will leave us alone. They will only take action when things are going badly wrong so ABC do not need to always act to please them.
Customers: The customer preferences are ABC can provide the high-performance products and lower the cost, excellent customer services.

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