Abc Model of Crisis Intervention

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ABC Model of Crisis Intervention

ABC Model of Crisis Intervention
Every person ultimately experiences crisis moments that may differ in content but tend have specific shared characteristics. Usually, crisis entails loss, threat, as well as the unexpected. There have been various theoretical techniques provided for assisting those functioning through crisis. Generally, the most effectual techniques tend to follow a short therapeutic model which stresses the episode isolated from other problems and seeks an action plan to mitigate the crisis. The ABC model provides a useful instrument to enhance the counseling procedure. “A” stands for basic attending skills, “B” stands for the identification of problem and healing
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Jones house. The officers will try knocking at Mr. Jones door, hopefully he will accept to open and if he fails, they will establish a friendly way of accessing the house. Mr. John can help in this, since he understands the house better. After gaining the access to the house, Mr. John will assist the officers in identifying Mr. Jones and in a cheerful mood, the officers will greet him and make a friendly introduction, elaborating the reason for their visit. The person elaborating the reason for the visit should use more cheerful and joking language to make Mr. Jones feel at ease and willing to welcome his guests.
Handshake will be exchange after Mr. Jones is comfortable with the group and the fear of intrusion is over. The handshake should also involve assurance eye contact to make him feel freer and secure while talking with the officers. The officer in charge will mention how much they appreciate Mr. John’s concern about his neighbors welfare, and how this reflect on their strong friendship bond, in a joking manner to clean the tension that could be remaining. Mr. Jones will also be given an opportunity to introduce himself and say a word regarding the visit if willing to do so. At this moment Mr. Jones is expected to give his state or explain why he has not been meeting his friends as usual. The officers should note if there is any fear or avoidance to talk about certain issues concerning his wellbeing, especially when addressing Mr. John’s concern
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