Abc Service Standard Assessment Evaluation

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ABC Service Standard Assessment Standard Evidence in practice Evidence in policy Performance Colour Action plan Time scale Service Provision S1 The service provides clients with a specialist proactive, risk-led response that reflects clients’ individual risks and needs. The service has a screening tool for risk identification at intake. This is review both at exit and when there is any incident. The review is cross referenced with case note. Every contact, support and decline is recorded on case file on modus. Service has risk assessment policy and referral guidance in place that outlines requirement for risk assessments. Review of risk assessment every 6-8 weeks by service manager. To be presented to the SMT. Review of policy to reflect this. Induction of staff to new way of working. ASAP S2 The service provides effective and comprehensive safety and support planning work The service has in place a safety/support risk management plan that identifies control measures to eliminate or respond to identified risk. This is called the needs and safety/support plan. There is a clear link between the risk assessment and the safety plan. The safety/support plan incorporates SMART objectives under the five outcomes which are clearly understood by the service user as landmark towards achieving outcomes. Copies of safety/support plan are securely stored in filing cabinet and modus system accessible to staff and client. Service has policies that include safeguarding and
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