Abc 's New Sitcom American Housewife

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ABC’s new sitcom American Housewife claims Westport, Connecticut is a town where “every idiot has a boat and a labradoodle.” Indeed, Westport’s defining characteristic is its extravagant wealth. New York City is only 45 minutes away by train, making Westport a popular location for adults working in financial or law firms to raise their families. The coastal town offers beaches and boating on the Long Island Sound and a phenomenal public school system. In addition to funding the excellent public school system, Westport’s wealth creates a beautiful look for the town. Census Tract 503 is in the sylvan area of Westport. My house sticks out from the large, renovated colonial houses that scatter the tree-filled landscape. It is a small, two-story, white Cape Cod that has not been added to since my great-great-grandfather built it in the early 1900s. The five houses that surround my own were all originally built by my great-great-grandfather as well, but homeowners have since added or extended floors. My house is dwarfed by those of my neighbors and the rest of Westport. The distribution of wealth is nearly uniform across the town, and large house size is consequentially consistent across different neighborhoods. Neighborhoods closer to the beach like Saugatuck Island and Saugatuck Shores lack heavy tree cover, but houses are also large and colonial, often constructed of wood or stone. Westport’s lavish architecture also reflects its ornate culture. Among adults, large dinner…
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