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From: Sent: xx-xx-2015 To: Subject: Dirty Office: Our apologies Dear Ms Choo, I refer to your email dated xx-xx-2015 regarding the quality of our service. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. We agree that the promised high standard of our cleaning service was not met in this instance. As a result of our investigation, we found that the assigned cleaners were newly hired and there was a misunderstanding concerning their work arrangement. The workers were not aware that they had to clean the toilets after your office closed at night and they also did not know that they had to respond to urgent cleaning tasks from 9am onwards. On receiving your email, a special meeting…show more content…
Our cleaners asserted that they had thoroughly cleaned the male toilets before leaving. The dirty condition of the male toilet on Friday morning is not likely a result of our failure to deliver the service according to our contract. However, we agree that not being able to respond to your urgent cleaning request before 10am is a problem to be solved. To prevent similar situations from happening again, our company has decided to extend our operation hours. Starting from tomorrow, we will be able to perform urgent cleaning service from 7am onwards at no extra cost to our customers. As for the age of our staff, we must point out that the promotion video does show the diversity of our staff if you look carefully enough, although there are a couple of close-up shots of the younger ones. I am sorry if it has given your MD a different impression but it is indeed not intended. We assure you that every worker in our company has gone through rigorous and regular training. They all provide high quality service no matter what their age is. We are happy to cover the cleaning bill of $2600 mentioned in your email. It is our pleasure to serve you and we are always open to any suggestions from you to improve our service. Yours sincerely, Gary Hou General Manager Quick

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