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Table of Contents Introduction 1 Issue Identification 2 Issue Analysis 3 Recommendation 4 Conclusion 5 Reference List: 6 1.0 Introduction Situation analysis – Introduction to the case study Technology has brought us into significant level of interface computing life. Mobile phone is one of the classic examples to prove that member of society has been influenced by the advance of high technology. Generally, people are demanding extensive technology within the mobile phone in term of the operating system which the manufacturers offer. Handset users are seeking for the software which provide them with most simplified use but yet still high-tech. In 2001, Microsoft made a move by producing Windows CE Pocket PC OS which…show more content…
They create Windows CE Pocket PC OS as a new innovation to the consumers. They might also create the standard for development of the smartphone. What are the main strategies behind it? 2.4 Issue Analysis Microsoft has a strong culture whereby all the employees perceive in the same beliefs and norms of innovation. Ahmed & Shepherd (2010) asserted that the value of strong cultures carries beliefs and assumptions that the organisation is able to facilitate behaviours according to organizational principles. The success from Microsoft is due to the careful management of the organisation culture. They facilitate the employees to feel comfortable working in the organisation. Therefore, it enhances the creativity of the employees themselves. In addition, according to competing values model of organisational culture, Microsoft is presumed to adopt adhocracy and market culture. The characteristic of adhocracy organisation is they are trying to be the leader of the market. Microsoft is indeed the leader for software market. Another thing is adhocracy organisation tends to emphasize on the creativity, innovation and opportunities growth (Lund, 2003). When Microsoft saw the opportunity of diversifying their product into mobile phone, they took the opportunity to expand their market with creativity and innovation. On a same page, Microsoft also adopts the market culture in the organisation. The market culture is more toward productivity and

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