Abdul Reflection

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During my first class of CST 100 I was thrilled to get to know one of my peers a little better, and introduce him to the rest of the class. First, I started my presentation by introducing Abdul, then I stated that he moved to the United Stated four years ago from Sierra Leone with his family, which includes his wife Isiah and daughter Maryomma. Second, I mentioned Abdul is very Family oriented, therefore his family plays a huge role in his life, as a support system while he furthers his education. Third, I announced Abdul is currently studying Chemistry with plan to become a Pharmacist. Abdul decided to expand his knowledge in this area of studies because he’s interested in how the body reacts to medication. In conclusion, I stated Abdul would…show more content…
I intended to present the picture after introducing Abdul’s family members. I believe, if I presented my prop at the designated time it would have been strategically placed and beneficial to my presentation. In my opinion my visual aid was still valuable, since it gave me a second chance to address the class which assisted me tremendously to enhanced my self-confidence for my next presentation. My delivery was weak due to my anxieties. Public speaking has continued to be challenge since my earlier years therefore during my introduction, I talked quickly because my only desire was to complete the task and retreat to my comfort zone. Additionally, I was monotone throughout the presentation, I could have corrected this flaw if I applied voice inflections. Cedric, I did notice how you used your space in the front of the room and used hand gestures, the plan was to imitate your actions but I was unable to execute that tactic. Did I make eye contact? The answer to that question is no. Every time attempted to make eye contact with a classmate my body reacted in an unfavorable way. I am unsure of whom to make eye contact with and for how long with that being said I decided to look towards the back of the room. I have confident that I organized my presentation, so my main topics were able to flow smoothly. During this semester…show more content…
You have to consider additional factors, such as remembering the material and in some cases you may be unaware who your audience is, this can cause a tremendous amount of anxiety. Conducting a presentation that you can prepare for is still difficult, but is more feasible because it allows time to really understand your topic, think of interesting point and ensure your thoughts are organized. How can you prepare for a planned or unplanned presentation? My approach would include a small introduction and bullet points for the body of my presentation; this will help ensure I stay on track allowing an easy reference if I forget my main points. Compared to my classmates I can easily say I was the weakest presenter, I allowed my anxieties to be displayed on my face, my voice and through my actions. If I could redo this presentation I would dress for success because this will promote more self-confidence, use bullets points, and visualize
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