Abdullah 's Team Accused The Second Round Of The Election Was Stolen

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Abdullah’s team accused both the IEC and Ashraf Ghani’s team in an “industrial scale” fraud and argued that the second round of the election was stolen (Latifi 2014). They further added to their argument that the eastern and southern regions of Afghanistan were hotbeds of occupancy by the Taliban and people were too afraid for their lives to come out and vote. In Khost 97.09% and in Paktia 91.9% votes were casted in favor of Ashraf Ghani (IEC website 2014). Abdullah’s team argued that that the eastern and southern provinces compared to the north and central provinces should have less percentage of voter turnout due to the security reasons in these parts of the country. However, the eastern and southern regions of the Afghanistan where Taliban were most active, these regions had voted in large numbers compared to regions where there had none or low security threats. However, Ashraf Ghani’s team argued that the high turnout in these regions were due to their excellent campaign strategies and the help from tribal leaderships on these regions (Trofimov 2014). Tensions over the result of 2014 election produced an ambiguous situation that had no obvious solution in the first sight. In the beginning, the two rival parties did not consider other options to end their dispute except declaring themselves as winners of the presidential race. The situation was so intense that each party blamed the other as the cheater and warned of the consequences over the election fraud (Bose 2014).

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