Abe Lincoln Research Paper

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Abraham Lincoln was considered by many American’s as one of the greatest Presidents of the United States. Having come from humble beginnings it could be said that Abraham Lincoln rose up to meet all the challenges that would greet him, and it could be argued that at the time the only person who could successfully guide the United States through the Civil War was Abraham Lincoln. At the time of his presidency, the United States was falling apart, with the South trying to secede from the North, creating much chaos that Lincoln had to deal with. He worked slowly and throughly, which sometimes got people agitated but he was a very careful working man and knew that it was better if he took his time. Abraham Lincoln was not…show more content…
2 Lincoln felt as though African Americans were not equal to the white people, but he believed that all men were created with certain rights. In 1857, the Supreme Court issued its controversial decision Scott v. Sanford, declaring African Americans were not citizens and had no inherent rights. 3 This act influenced Lincoln to stand up and speak out to what he thought was right and wrong, and in 1860, Abe Lincoln became the President of the United States. Lincoln stands out as a great war president, probably the greatest in our history, and a great natural strategist, a better one than any of his generals. 4 Lincoln was not a natural strategist, he worked hard to master the subject, just as he had done to learn how to read and study to become a lawyer, nothing came easy to him and he had to work hard to achieve whatever he wanted. He had no time to prepare becoming commander in chief, he had to learn it on the job. Tried By War showed the dilemmas Lincoln had to overcome like, generals disobeying orders, and the south trying to secede from the north. Lincoln wasn’t a master of war, and did a lot of studying to help him become a great commander in chief. Tried By War tells us how Lincoln had to gradually overcome the slave issue because if he abolished slavery all at once, he would lose many of the border states that had slaves, but were on the Union side.
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