Abe Wrestling Story

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Wrestling. It’s Abe’s passion. Everything he does, in some form, will resort to wrestling. If he happened to get into an argument with his friend, best believe he’d take it out on whichever unfortunate kid has to wrestle him in practice the next day. If he couldn’t understand his math homework, he thinks of wrestling such as when he figured out the angles of a triangle, ‘If I tackle this kid at a blah blah blah angle, he’ll collapse and I’ll get four points’, he had actually figured out math in a way he would definitely remember. Abe grinds every day, long practices, sore arms, and having to wash his uniform twice to get all of the sweat out. Nevertheless, his hard work is what got him to GRECO State.
The Illinois GRECO State Wrestling Tournament
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He walked on the mat and shook the hands of his opponent. Before the second period got the opportunity to start, Abe had already managed to get a win by tech fall. Not showing a trace of anxiety, Abe made his way down for his next match, ready for whatever the kid was gonna throw at him. Only the reciprocal occurred, and Abe found himself struggling to triumph in the match . Jogging down to the field, Abe thought to himself. The wrestler knew he could not afford to lose this next match, knowing he would undoubtedly get bumped down to the fifth and sixth place match.The kid ended up beating Abe by four points, leading him to him to the fifth and sixth place game.To begin the match, Abe got taken down, but after that nobody scored for the rest of the period. Abe was losing by 2 points to start the fourth quarter, but the instinct to win drove him and suddenly, with only a few seconds left Abe heard a familiar voice, somehow drifting loud and clear through the rambunctious racket of the crowd. “13 SECONDS”. It was his father, somehow in this one speck of a moment, and Abe remembered that when he returned home, everyone he knew would either congratulate him with genuine in their voice, or he’d hear the slight pity in people’s voice when they said something like “Good luck next time bud” or “There’s always next year”. It was at this moment, all of the thoughts running through his head faster than Usain Bolt riding a Cheetah, yet somehow he was still standing his ground, he realized that he wanted to return home kas a winner. And so he did. Abe mustered up all the strength he could and picked the kid by the arms and threw him down for four points. The crowd roared, strangers were hugging, mothers were crying tears of joy, and Coach Shaidle was grinning to his assistant, most likely bragging about how good of a coach he had been to Abe. Abe just laughed, he had done it, he
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