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Abercrombie & Fitch Sadarya McArthur Strayer University I. Identify and describe the greatest environmental threats that have immediate implications for A&F. A. Lack of Variety A&F was known for its lack of variety. They were known for hiring males and females with a certain kind of style. You had to look a certain way to be an employee and most of all you had to be attractive. Females had to wear makeup to enhance their features and males had to be clean shaven with no mustache or any facial hairs. They were sent to only white fraternities and sororities to recruit them for work. They only displayed posters of attractive white models. This was a threat to the companies reputation. B.…show more content…
. B. Store Format A&F was able to successfully implement an exciting store format. According to marketing expert, Pam Danziger, “Shoppers are rejecting the old concept of ‘hunting and gathering’ shopping in favor of a more involved, interesting, dynamic retail experience.” Each A&E store was designed according to one of several specific models created at company headquarters. Hollister stores were designed to look like beach houses with faux porches and house style layouts. Surfboards leaned against the store walls. Fans blew to mimic the breeze as if you were really on the beach. Shoppers could sit in chairs and read different kinds of magazines. Ruehl stores imitated the architecture of Greenwich Village with red brick facades, iron fences, flowerboxes, and small windows. They looked like brownstones. Customers really enjoyed this new look of all A&F stores. People would just stop by to see the new look in the stores which in turn boost sales because they spent money once they were in the store. C. Target Market A&F had an enviable target market. It catered to teenagers, whose population in the United States was expanding. In 2003, 32 million teens lived in the United Stated. This number was expected to rise to 35 million by 2010. Teens spent approximately $170 billion on goods and services in 2002, with one-third going to apparel. Teen retailing was

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